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Three Main Reasons Affecting The Quality Of Steel Ball Oct 26, 2017

Factors affecting the quality of steel ball: microstructure of Steel ball

Martensite, Austenite, Bainite, ferrite, and so on, the density of the crystal structure is not exactly the same, steel analytical instruments on the crystallization of fineness also have influence;

Factors affecting the quality of steel Balls II: Material

Steel ball, cast iron ball, alloy steel ball, etc., the density of the material is not the same, steel density than cast iron, alloy steel is dependent on the density of alloy elements and the content is not the same;

Factors affecting the quality of steel balls three: Production method of Steel ball

The steel balls rolled and forged are compact in structure, so the density is large, the microstructure of the forged cast steel ball, the cast iron ball or the forged alloy ball is not very dense, even the gas hole in it, so the density is much smaller. Factors affecting the quality of steel balls.