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The origin of chrome-plated bearing steel balls and the specific role of chrome plating Jul 05, 2018

The chrome-plated bearing steel ball is chrome-plated on the surface of the bearing steel ball. Therefore, this kind of bearing steel ball is called a chrome-plated bearing steel ball. Since the specific types of bearing steel balls are mentioned, and everyone is not very familiar with it, let's take a closer look, so that you can know how to use the product correctly and reasonably.


1. The specific application of chrome-plated bearing steel ball

The chrome-plated bearing steel ball can be made of Gcr15 bearing steel because the surface of this material can be chrome-plated. Moreover, after chrome plating, the surface properties and use effects of the steel ball can be improved. This kind of steel ball product, in specific applications, is in the industries and fields such as electronic machinery, power tools and sports equipment.


2. The chrome-plated bearing on the chrome-plated bearing steel ball, is it only protective?

The chrome-plated bearing on the chrome-plated bearing steel ball not only plays a role in protection, but also plays a certain decorative role, because the surface properties and brightness of the bearing steel ball can be improved, and even the mirror surface effect can be achieved by some methods. Therefore, this coated bearing steel ball can be used in vehicles, watches, instruments and medical instruments.


3. Why is there a chrome-plated bearing steel ball?

There will be chrome-plated bearing steel balls. Because the bearing steel balls are subjected to great pressure and friction during use, they must have higher rigidity and strength, as well as higher hardness. In addition, The surface should also be less prone to scratches, scratches, etc., so chrome-plated bearing steel balls have emerged to meet these requirements and to avoid these problems.


4. Should I use GCr15 or 45# steel in chrome-plated bearing steel balls?

In the chrome-plated bearing steel ball, on the steel number, the steel number of GCr15 should be used instead of 45 steel, because GCr15 is alloy steel and has good wear resistance, while 45 steel is medium carbon steel, mainly It is used to make mold frames, etc., and it is not as good as GCr15 in abrasion resistance. In addition, the GCr15 steel grade has a higher elastic limit. Therefore, on chrome-plated bearing steel balls, GCr15 should be used instead of 45 steel.