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Difference between G100 bearing steel ball and stainless steel ball May 26, 2018

The G100 in the G100 bearing steel ball refers to the precision grade of this bearing steel ball, or to the ball diameter variation of the steel ball. G100 indicates that the ball diameter variation of the steel ball is 25um.


Steel balls have G3, G5, G10, G16, G20, G28, G40, etc., and their ball diameter variation is a steel ball rating multiplied by a micro inch. Therefore, the ball diameter variation of G10 steel ball is 2.5u, the ball diameter variation of G100 steel ball is 25u, and the ball diameter variation of G1000 steel ball is 0.25mm, however, they all belong to the low level. Steel ball.


Difference and distinction of stainless steel ball and G100 bearing steel ball

Stainless Steel Balls and G100 Bearing Steel Balls, which are two types of steel balls, therefore, they are somewhat different. The main difference between the two steel balls is their hardness, toughness and corrosion resistance. In general, the hardness and toughness of G100 bearing steel balls are better than those of stainless steel balls, but they are inferior to stainless steel balls in corrosion resistance. However, if the surface is coated with lubricating oil, it can also have better anti-corrosion properties.


The distinction between the stainless steel ball and the G100 bearing steel ball mainly depends on two aspects. First, the stainless steel ball cannot be sucked out with a magnet, while the G100 bearing steel ball can; the second is to distinguish the two by the length of the spark generated in the grinding.