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Description of the performance characteristics of bicycle stainless steel ball bearings Oct 26, 2018

Bicycle stainless steel ball bearing is a product with strict performance requirements. It is not easy to rust. It is mainly due to the addition of chromium, which forms a dense layer of chromium oxide on the surface of the steel, which can effectively block steel and air. Contact again, so that the oxygen in the air can not enter the steel, and to prevent the steel from rusting.


Because bicycle stainless steel ball bearings have good anti-corrosion and anti-rust properties, they are widely used in the market, usually used in bicycles, bearings, pulleys, slide rails, crafts, shelves, universal ball, luggage and small hardware. . In addition, the product can be used to grind other media.


Usually bicycle stainless steel ball bearings have low price, high hardness and excellent performance, which also provides good conditions for its wide application. Moreover, bicycle stainless steel ball bearings can be processed, welded and drilled with a hardness of HRC ≤ 28.