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Bearing steel steel ball quality standards and crushing load May 10, 2018

The crushing load is one of the important test values in the performance test of the bearing steel steel ball in the process of operation. When it is used, the crushing load value of the bearing steel ball can effectively be changed according to the change of the ball diameter. Differently, there are many factors influencing the change of crushing load value of steel ball during operation. For example, the heat treatment during steel ball processing, the tempering and quenching during heating, etc. will all affect the change of crush load value of steel ball.

The crushing load of the bearing steel steel ball actually refers to the pressure value that the steel ball is subjected to when it is broken by an external force. The metallurgical structure of the steel, ie, the raw material of the stainless steel ball, the state of the heat treatment, and the different process methods are all important factors affecting the ball crushing load.

During the processing of the bearing steel steel ball, the surface quality, geometric accuracy, and mechanical processing of the product are one of the indexes for measuring the crushing load of the steel ball. Generally, it is necessary to provide the crushing load value of the steel ball from the heat treatment. Improved during quenching and tempering. Through heat treatment, and then tempered or quenched method, change the internal structure of the steel, so that the metal molecules one by one, so as to enhance the hardness of the steel ball, increase the ball crushing load value.

Bearing steel steel ball quality standards

1. Raw material quality standards

The material used for the bearing steel steel ball is GCr15 bearing steel. Based on this, new GCr15SiMn and martensitic stainless steel balls with better wear resistance are produced. It is currently the only company that has formed a series of products in China, and its products are widely used in inks. Manufacturing Industry.

2. Ball size and geometric accuracy standards

Balls with a diameter of 1.2 to 12.7 mm, a ball diameter variation of ≤25 μm, a batch diameter variation of ≤50 μm, a spherical error of ≤25 μm, and a gauge value of ±150 μm (according to user requirements).

3. Steel ball crushing load standard

This standard is an important standard to ensure that steel balls do not break.

4. Steel Ball Heat Treatment Quality Standard

This standard is an important basis for ensuring that steel balls have high wear resistance and high hardness.