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A brief introduction to the difference between grinding steel ball and wear-resistant steel ball, the impact of factors Nov 22, 2017

Grinding a steel ball, just like its name, in fact, refers to a steel ball used to grind something. In this respect, it is essentially an abrasive medium. It is precisely because of this, the wear-resistant steel ball is concerned, it is actually a grinding ball, wear-resistant wear resistant as long as the grinding, and that is, will belong to the grinding ball.


For example, it is like casting balls (high chrome balls, medium chrome balls, low chrome balls) and their forging balls or rolling balls. In terms of the abrasive balls we are using now, they are divided into: cast steel balls, forged steel balls and hot-rolled steel balls.


Grinding steel ball and wear-resistant steel ball by what factors are affected?


First of all, we actually have to pay attention to grinding ball and wear-resistant steel ball will be material density effects: steel ball and its cast iron ball and alloy steel ball, different material, its density is actually not the same , In terms of the density of the steel, which is larger than that of cast iron, that is, it is based on the density of the main alloy elements and the content of the alloy, but not the same.


Grinding steel ball and wear-resistant steel ball will also be affected by the ball manufacturing method: rolling and its forged steel ball of its dense structure, so speaking, its density is larger, cast steel balls and Its cast iron ball or casting alloy ball and other organizations is not very dense, even in this one we actually found that it itself will have stomatal, so its density will be smaller.


In the final analysis, grinding steel ball and wear-resistant steel ball is also affected by the microstructure of steel ball: martensite, austenite, bainite, ferrite and other crystal structure under the same density It will be different, but also affect the fineness of the crystal. Grinding steel ball and wear-resistant steel ball will also be from the chemical composition and elements of the impact: that is, the composition of the steel ball is different, for its hardness, the impact of impact wear is not the same.